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Professional Development


From:  Executive Director, Heather Korbulic - Silver State Health Insurance Exchange

Dear Agent/Broker Partner,

As you are probably aware, the Nevada Health Link is transitioning away from to operate as a full State Based Exchange. Agents/Brokers who assisted Nevadans with enrollments during plan year 2019 open enrollment will have their book of business migrated from to the Nevada Health Link platform as long as they complete certification by August 9, 2019. If you do not complete training and set up an agent profile by August 9th Nevada Health Link will be unable to migrate your book of business. Please take action today!

The Nevada Health Link Training Team recently sent you an email with a link to access the required online curriculum course from the learning management software called Mindflash. It is imperative that you click on this link to access the curriculum, go through the modules and take the exam at the end of each module.

You should have also received an email from the Nevada Health Link State Based Exchange inviting you to set up your agent profile. Please complete both training and your profile by AUGUST 9th to ensure your book of business is migrated.

Should you have further questions regarding Mindflash training, please call Nevada Health Link at


If you require technical assistance regarding the SBE platform, please call the designated Agent/Broker service line at: 1-800-547-8156.

Nevada Health Link developed a Returning Agent Transition Guide that includes detailed information regarding training, certification and SBE Platform use.



Key Dates for returning Brokers:

August 9, 2019: Deadline for completion of the training curriculum (Mindflash) and SBE Platform Agent Account. Once all modules and test questions are successfully completed you will receive a Certificate of Completion and Rebecca Lomazzo - as the SBE Platform Broker Administrator - will review course completion, acknowledgements, and Division of Insurance (DOI) license status. The SBE Broker Admin will “certify” brokers in the SBE Platform.

August 15, 2019: Import of migrated consumers to SBE Platform begins; associations between consumers and designated enrollment professionals are created between 8/15—8/31.

September 4, 2019: “Soft Launch” of SBE Platform; returning brokers can verify migrated book of business and begin assisting consumers in claiming their accounts, designating brokers, and opting into auto re-enroll (if not already signed up for auto renewal).

Thank you,

Heather Korbulic

Executive Director

Silver State Health Insurance Exchange


[email protected]

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